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Melanie Viner-Cuneo - Editor

Melanie is a London-based editor who started her career as an assistant on feature films, working with editors such as Tony Lawson and directors such as Stanley Kubrick and

Kenneth Branagh.


After assisting on 'Eyes Wide Shut' Melanie branched out as an editor on

'Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures', working closely with the Kubrick family. Warner Bros. premiered the film at the Berlin Film Festival and it has since become the definitive guide to the controversial filmmaker.  BBC2 also screened the documentary over three

consecutive nights.


Melanie's television drama credits include Accused: Mo's Story for which Olivia Coleman won a Best Performance BAFTA. She has worked with directors such as David Blair and

Guillem Morales, editing both TV movies and television drama such as BBC1's

ever-popular Poldark.

She is currently represented by Kate Watson at Sara Putt Associates.  

t: 01932 571044


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